Surprisingly beautiful
Board glued up of 4 different types of wood made as a birthday present for a friend
Miniature Lounge Chair
Testing a new seat weaving method on a 1:10 miniature model
Drawing a new table
Drawing sketches for a new coffee table on my newly made tabletop for the workbench while drinking green tea.
Floating table
Table in oak and glass assembled without glue, nails or screews but through diagonal physics and interlinking joints alone.
Table for our kitchen "sculpted" along the natural lines of one massive plank of oak.
Tube Amplifier Cabinet
Cabinet for a 1959 The Fisher Tube Amplifier made of Redwood. Colored with a palisander stain and more than 10 layers of laquer.
Red Lipse Raw
Coffee table made of oak and redwood. Sculpted along the natural shape of the tree.
Concrete Fireplace
Fireplace cast in concrete with a palisander stand to keep you warm in cold evenings (or mornings).
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